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Power Hammer

Modern technology has enabled design changes, advanced materials, and improved machining to bring this Cast Power Hammer up to 20th century standards.


The base is constructed utilizing two wide flange beams welded together, with a series of web stiffeners welded throughout. Then is fully welded to a 1" thick steel plate. The base weights an incredible 3,200 lbs.


The newly designed arms are now constructed out of Cast Iron, with more vibration absorption, better harmonics, a much better material suited for the hammer. 


The hammer runs on 3 phase power. But can be ran off of a rotary phase converter. The Baldor electric motor is 3hp.


The rotation of the hammer is controlled with a newly designed digital foot petal, and VFD. The foot pedal is designed to allow the users foot to remain close to the ground decreasing fatigue. And with the use of a large breaking resistor the hammer can come to a complete stop from full speed within one revolution.


Each hammer is built with  a dovetail design for the motion of the upper plunger. This hammer is incredibly user friendly and has minimal maintenance. Everything was built with longevity in mind.

The Davenport Machine Co Power Hammer stands at 8' tall and weighs 5,000 lbs. Using a 3 HP drive motor, the Hammer is rated for a 120lb hit, and can hit up to 20 times a second. With the use of the larger 3" dies, there is increased stability. This proves to be extremely beneficial while making low crown panels due to the increased weight of the hit, and larger contact of the dies. Because of these factors, the speed at which a panel can be shaped is increased, which in turn decreases the fatigue on the user.


Die packages are available separately, and if purchased with the hammer are all 10% off. Other optional accessories are also available.


There is a 8 month construction process after the initial deposit is made.

​Contact for current pricing.

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