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Do you have an original ERCO Flanger that needs repairs or a tune up? We offer services to repair and replace damaged, broken, and worn out parts on your machine, in order to restore it to pristine factory specifications.

Repairs Offered:

*Machining of new BrakeHeads and Steel Guides.

*Replacement of broken aluminum Connecting Rods.

*Re-bushing and replacement of all pivot holes and pins.

*Replacement of any missing or broken parts.

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Located in Northern Utah. Davenport Machine Co. was founded to provide high quality metalshaping tools. Our mission is to make a product made entirely in the USA, built to last for generations to come.

Chris Davenport is a professional metalshaper with over 10 years of experience. This experience has allowed him to have a good understanding of what is needed in metalshaping equipment, and to incorporate changes where necessary in order to make each machine function to its highest potential. This allows the shaping process to be as simple and efficient as possible.

Davenport Machine Co. offers two flagship machines. First is the newly designed Cast Power Hammer. And second is the Industrial Sheet Metal Flanging machine. As well as the machines, tooling is offered for both machines, that will interchange with original machines.

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